1. History of Vassar

    Here on the Cass River on March 1, 1849, four men led by Townsend North and James M. Edmunds found a suitable place to build a dam and start a town.

  2. Farmer's Market

    Learn about the Vassar Farmers' Market.

  3. MI 2-1-1

  4. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  5. FAQs

    View answers to frequently asked questions.

  6. Vassar Public Schools

    Learn about the Vassar Public Schools.

  7. Vassar Chamber of Commerce

    Learn about the Vassar Chamber of Commerce.

  8. Vassar Historical Society

    Learn about the Vassar Historical Society.

  9. Bullard Sanford Memorial Library

    Learn about Vassar's Bullard Sanford Memorial Library.

  10. HEARTsafe Community

  11. In the News

  12. Summer Concert Series

  13. Vassar Slow Roll