Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget represents  the City of Vassar’s six year physical development effort, attempts  to address a variety of needs, which the City must meet if it is to  maintain its physical facilities, meet its service commitments and  provide for its future development. The CIP Budget reflects the City’s  comprehensive plan and the goals and priorities established by the City  Council. The first year of the six-year CIP Budget goes into the budget  for the next year and deserves the most attention. The CIP Budget is  updated each year so that City Council has the opportunity to change the  next five years and add a new year.

Current CIP Document

Legal Basis for the Capital Improvement Plan

The State of Michigan provides for the development and use of a capital improvement plan in the Municipal Planning Act (Section 125.3865, Act 33 of the Public Acts of 2008).“To further the desirable future development of the local unit of government under the master plan, a planning commission, after adoption of a master plan, shall annually prepare a capital improvements program of public structures and improvements, unless the planning commission is exempted from this requirement by charter or otherwise. 

The capital improvements program shall show those public structures and improvements, in the general order of their priority that in the commission’s judgment will be needed or desirable and can be undertaken within the ensuing 6-year period.  The capital improvements program shall be based upon the requirements of the local unit of government for all types of public structures and improvements.  Consequently, each agency or department of the local unit of government with authority for public structures or improvements shall upon request furnish the planning commission with lists, plans, and estimates of time and cost of those public structures and improvements”.

In addition, the City of Vassar Code of Ordinances (Sec 2-62) reinforces the City's Plan Commission with responsibility for developing and reviewing a Capital Improvement Program.