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Brian Chapman

The city manager is the chief administrative officer of the City of Vassar, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city. The City Manager is also responsible for implementing the policies of the City Council.

The manager serves as Zoning Adminstrator, Board Member of the Economic Development Corporation and member of the DDA. The manager represents the City before the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Planning Commission. The manager is the appointing authority for the Treasurer, Assessor, Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Director of Public Works, and the City Clerk.

Additional duties for the City Manager include:

Preparing the annual budget

Attending City Council meetings

Recommending policies or programs to the City Council

Keeping the City Council advised on the financial condition of the City


City Council

Mayor Roger Bacon

Mayor Pro-Tem Danny Surgent

Councilman Teds Gamet

Councilman Mike Damm

Councilman Dan Atkins


The council recently adopted Resolution #2013-17 therefore the City of Vassar resolves to hold its regular election for local offices at the November even year election beginning with the November 2016 election.  Terms of Office of the incumbent council members were extended for Councilman Henry Hornung reelected in 2011 for a four year term which expires in 2015, and is now extended until 11/2016. Incumbent Councilman Ted Gamet -  reelected in 2011 for a four year term which expires in 2015 and is now extended until 11/2016. 

Mayor Pro-Tem Dan Surgent and Councilman Dan Atkins were both elected in 2013 for a three year term which expires in 11/2016.  Mayor Roger Bacon Sr. was elected in 2013 for a five year term which expires in 11/2018.  



      City Clerk

      City Treasurer / Interim City Clerk

      Merri Lemcke


      Merri was hired in February 2001 as the Utility Billing Clerk; she served in the front office from 2001 until March 2008 when she became the Deputy Treasurer.  She  worked as the Deputy Treasurer from 2008 until May 2010 when she was appointed City Treasurer.  Merri is a member of the Michigan Municipal League's Treasurer's Association; and is also a member of the Vassar Rotary Club.  She feels strongly that the education and networking opportunities provided by the city have enabled her to be effective as the City Treasurer.  As the City Treasurer she was appointed by the City Manager and is responsible for collecting all bills, either for taxes or services rendered by the City.  The Treasurer works closely with the City Manager in managing the City's financial resources.  Merri is very active in the community; and as a wife and mother of three children strives for the best in her personal and in her professional life.

        Police Chief   Ben Guile

      Ben is a lifelong resident of the city along with his wife Heather and their four children. He attended school here and graduated from Vassar High.  He has a Bachelors degree in criminal justice from Saginaw Valley State University and has been decorated for professional excellence and Valor in the line of duty as member of the police department. Ben has been a member of the Vassar Police Department for 15 yrs. He was hired as a part-time patrolman by the city in April 1997.  He became a full time officer in April of 1999. In 2002 he was appointed as school resource officer and served in that role until 2005. In 2005 he was promoted to patrol sergeant and served in that roll until he took over as interim police chief upon the retirement of our prior chief. On September 4th 2012 he was sworn in as Vassar’s 7th police chief. As police Chief Ben Guile is responsible for 2 full time officers, 1 regular part-time officer, 7 part-time officers and 7 crossing guards. His duties include supervision of a 24/7 365 days a year police department, patrol work, criminal investigations, administrative work, scheduling, special event security, departmental budgeting, and to provide through community oriented policing a safe environment for the citizens of the City of Vassar to live, grow and play.


      DPW/WasteWater Treatment Plant

      Superintendent Carl Miller 

      Carl is a native to the City of Vassar and in July 2005, moved back to take on the responsibilities of Superintendent at the City's wastewater treatment facility.  Carl has 28 years experience in the wastewater treatment profession and holds several State certifications in wastewater and water treatment.  Carl's main responsibilities are overseeing the operations and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facility, lift station and supervising three fulltime employees.  Other responsibilties include maintaining State Certification for the City's Water and Wastewater Laboratories, Industrial Pretreatment, Mercury and Biosolids Programs.  Carl is also the Coordinator of the City's Community Rating System.  As the coordinator, Carl oversees the program, to help ensure that residents continue receiving their discounted flood insurance through FEMA.  Carl also served ten years on the Village of Homer's Fire Department; as a volunteer fire fighter and medical first responder.  His hobbies include riding motorcycles and fishing.


      Vassar Fire Chief  Gary Millerov

      Gary is from the Vassar area and has lived here his entire life.  After time as an auxiliary fireman, he joined as a fulltime fireman in 1971.  This year (2013) marks Gary's 42nd year as a fireman.  The Michigan Firefighter Training Council required a minimum of 66 hours of training when Gary started.  It took Gary 5 months to reach this goal and for the next 3 years Gary took additional 60 hour courses to obtain 240 hours of training.  Gary came up through the ranks as a firefighter, and then was appointed as one of two assistant fire chiefs.  In 1997 Gary was appointed as the Fire Chief when his current chief at that time retired.  His training never stopped with numerous seminars and college classes.  Gary has been to the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, Maryland three times.  He is a member of the local Emergency Planning Commission, and the Tuscola County Fire Chief's Association.  Gary has participated in multiple disaster drills in various cities and locations.  The fire department strives to be up to date in training for any and all public emergencies.  The safety of the city and citizens is the ultimate goal.  The Vassar Fire Department today has 23 firefighters and can adequately handle most any type of fire.  If need be fire assistance can be offered by surrounding communities.




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