Why do the floodplain maps change?
The City of Vassar works with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to update floodplain maps to show the areas that will flood during the 100-year flood in support of the National Flood Insurance Program. The changes in floodplain maps reflect changes in land use (such as increased building activity), changes in the waterways, and flood control improvements (such as detention ponds or other flood control measures).

As more lots are covered with more buildings and parking lots, the amount of water that flows into creeks and lakes increases because there is less vegetation to absorb the water when it rains. This is one reason why buildings that were not originally built in a flood plain are now in the 25-year or 100-year flood plain.

If the City or private property owners install flood controls or detention ponds, the amount of water going to creeks and lakes is reduced. Certain flood control measures have caused the 25-year or 100-year flood plain to be removed from some lots.

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