Obtaining a Daily Burn Permit

Burning permits are issued on a day-to-day basis and can be obtained at Vassar City Hall. Please call ahead (989-823-8517) to be sure that the City is issuing permits on the day you wish to burn. Also, please consider the following: 
  • Permits can only be issued for areas shown on the map below
  • Permits will only be issued on days that the wind speed is not expected to exceed 11 MPH
  • If the ground is snow covered, no permit is required
  • Permits are issued for one day only
  • Permits are issued for the burning of brush and leaves ONLY
  • Permit holders must stay with the fire while it burns and must have water at hand
  • Fires must be extinguished by dusk
  • For weekend or after-hour permits, please follow this link.
Area where the City of Vassar can issue burning permits