Gary Millerov

Fire Department
Title: Fire Chief
Phone: 989-823-8517
Fire Chief Gary Millerov

Gary is from the Vassar area and has lived here his entire life. After time as an auxiliary fireman, he joined as a full time fireman in 1971. This year (2013) marks Gary's 42nd year as a fireman. The Michigan Firefighter Training Council required a minimum of 66 hours of training when Gary started. It took Gary 5 months to reach this goal and for the next 3 years Gary took additional 60 hour courses to obtain 240 hours of training.

Gary came up through the ranks as a firefighter, and then was appointed as one of two assistant fire chiefs. In 1997 Gary was appointed as the Fire Chief when his current chief at that time retired. His training never stopped with numerous seminars and college classes. Gary has been to the National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, Maryland three times.

He is a member of the local Emergency Planning Commission, and the Tuscola County Fire Chief's Association. Gary has participated in multiple disaster drills in various cities and locations. The fire department strives to be up to date in training for any and all public emergencies. The safety of the city and citizens is the ultimate goal.

The Vassar Fire Department today has 23 firefighters and can adequately handle most any type of fire. If need be fire assistance can be offered by surrounding communities. 

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